Living in three separate continents, Khadim Ali (Australia), Sher Ali (Afghanistan) and Mahwish Chishty (USA) are reconnecting with their personal history through this collaborative exhibition that examines transition of decade-long 'war on terror'.

Underlying concerns such as demonizing the political foe, the embodiment of good and evil by the superior and inferior, respectively, has been a common thread throughout history and across cultures and societies. The forces and groups representing "the superior/good" have used every available means and opportunities to suppress "the inferior/evil", without being accountable to any stakeholders. They have also defined and re-defined the terms of any social, cultural, economic and political relations between themselves and "the other", as they have manipulated the religious and historical narrations to maintain the status quo.

This work was featured at Gandhara Art Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan (in 2015).