Combination of paper cut outs and paintings scanned and altered in Adobe Premiere Pro, depict the vibrancy of Pakistani truck art as moving images in a silhouette of MQ 9 Reaper and Predator drone.

My inspiration for The Reaper sound comes from the 'singing comet' 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (sounds recorded on the comet just last year), along with the drone sound (a steady hum). “The buzz of a distant propeller is a constant reminder of imminent death,” writes David Rhode in The Drone War. The authors of the Stanford-NYU human rights report, Living Under Drones, which is so far the most comprehensive report on the civilian impact of drone warfare, found that the sound of drones has a profound impact on the mental health of civilians.


Sounds for The Predator come from Aztec death whistle (sometimes described as “the scream of thousand corpses”).

These videos allow me to project at a very large scale and transform dark spaces where people can walk through and become part of the piece.